Saturday, January 2, 2010

Just a mundane day...

Upon hearing about how blogging is so awesome and fun, I decided to start my own blog stories! How fun, right! I would like to share all the useless info, daily activities and rituals of my really, like REALLY interesting life.  So here it is:

Jan. 2 2010:
This morning: I went to work today! (yay!) I work at the William Henry Salon in Belmont. I'm a stylist and I love what I do!  I am always learning something new about hair and make-up.  And I love sharing what I know so feel free to ask me questions or book an appointment with me anytime you want.

This afternoon:  Wendy and Daniel decided to come over to our house and watch the Blindside! (no, we did not burn it, ourselves. Someone gave it to us for a gift.) Wendy was looking radiant, she came to visit me at the salon today and we changed her hair from red to dark brown. (I know, enough about hair but I was super excited about it.)  So we all watched the movie but the sound was skipping and it was getting on my nerves so I played games on my iphone instead. 
When they left, I suddenly had the epiphany that I would start my own blogging!  Randall begged and pleaded with me, scared that I would put too much info on here, like how many bowel movements I had today. lol, well Randall not today..... not today. 

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