Monday, May 2, 2011

The Storm and the Eye

I love the lyrics to this song. It's funny I have had this cd for over a year and have sang these lyrics over and over again but yesterday it really hit home to me. I thought it was perfect for a struggling relationship of one of my close friends. Sometimes you lose yourself in the thinking and comparing your relationships with the other realtionships of this world and losing the heart of what really matters. Putting your own concepts & selfishness aside and Trusting the Lord. Release your fears to God and see just what he has in store for you and your relationship. It's amazing what he will do for you. He loves you and this song makes it so clear to me.

I've been looking for some Truth to sort
out the mess in my head
But I haven't found it in me or in man
Some say they want truth in order to
sound sane
But would they chose to have it if to
have Truth you choose pain
To be weak is to be human
to be humble is to gain

I hide in the open wide as the young
forsake the wise
I abide in the storm and the eye
Death removed me from its sight

I am longing for the hour
when the dark will subside
My hope need strengthened every
moment of the light
But I see a haven for my weakened soul
Where I know the shadow
has no where to fall
And even in the morning
I will wake unto my call

I hide in the open wide as the young
forsake the wise
Love again your broken life
Death has turned away its eyes

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