Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Dogs and Houses

I think I learned something about God while being a parent today. Now when I say I'm a parent, I am talking about being a parent to a dog. My dog Sammie is my baby!

Living in Cherryville right now I don't get to get out a lot because I live so far away from work so I am very much a homebody and my dog is truly my best friend. We do everything at home together, but our favorite thing to do is take naps on the couch and cook. Well, I cook and Sammie stands right beside and makes sure I do everything right and to not drop anything.

Well, I came home today to find that Sammie was a bad dog today! He got into my Vaseline that I left on the ottoman (I use it for chapstick, because its easier to keep up with). He ate half the Vaseline jar including the vaseline. So I scolded him and picked up the mess. I was just very frustrated with him, and also worried that he might get sick!

Anyways, I started cooking and Sammie was by my side making sure I wouldn't drop any thing and again when I sat down to eat. Usually I will dump my plate and let him lick the plate clean but I just couldn't risk it today. I figured he would have an upset tummy and I didn't want it to get worse, so I didn't let him lick it today.

He was soo sad about this! He really wanted to lick my plate and I could tell it was killing him. Then I started thinking about me and my desire to sell my house. I have prayed earnestly and tried to remain patient about selling my house, but its been really hard. I haven't had anyone coming to look at my cute little house that I have staged. I just want soo desperately to sell it that I'm begging God everyday "please let someone buy my house!" Then I think about how my dog doesn't understand why I am withholding my plate from him, even though its for his own good. Then I start wondering the same thing about God and how He knows whats best for MY own good even though I don't understand sometimes.

It just gives me Peace in knowing that my God knows whats best for me and knowing that even though things aren't going the way I want them to go, I still can't see the whole picture and I'm okay with that. I will wait patiently and see what God has in store for me! And Sammie will just have to wait patiently till tomorrow to lick another plate!