Wednesday, April 25, 2012

day 5. 5 things that make me happy!

5 Things that make me Happy!

This will be my happiest blog yet!! I am a happy person so this will be an easy one for me!  I have a lot of stuff that makes me happy from the simple things like listening to country music in the summer, to having a coffee break and enjoying my mornings (I love morning time!).  Sitting and enjoying me time and this blogging right now is pretty therapeutic for me.  So the following list are just a few of the things that make me smile and feel all warm inside! :)

1. My husband! Surprised right! But I have to put this guy at the top of my list.  I love him, and I really feel we have a marriage, the way marriage is suppose to be.  My husband loves me like he is called to love me. Like Christ loves the church.  One of Randall's sole missions in life is to make sure I'm happy.  If I'm feeling down and I call him, he will reassure me until I feel better again. He also worries so much about me that he doesn't eat good, when I'm having a bad day.  He helps out around the house and even is cooking meals a couple times a week so I can go to work out classes.  We connect on so many levels, we enjoy the little things in life like sitting on a porch and talking.   He is the kind of person I strive to be and he has made me a better person just being with him these past years.

2. My job.  I love my job! I have had a TON of different jobs and I never knew I could love a job like I love this one.  Part of the reason my job is so awesome are my coworkers.  There are 18 stylist at my salon (we are a Big salon!) and we all get along great!! I love these girls! They are so beautiful and we are all different in our personalities but we love and accept each other unconditionally. I can totally be my dork self around these ladies, and they love it!   I look up to my coworkers and respect them and learn a lot from them. Each one of these ppl are put in my life for a reason!  I guess you could say we are one BIG sorority. :)  That is one of the reasons I am moving closer so I can hang out with these girls more!

3.  My Clients.  Part of my job is getting to talk to different people and carry on a conversation with people you wouldn't usually have time to talk to outside of work.  I learn so much from people.  It's amazing how unique God makes each one of us in our own little ways.  The more people I meet the more I learn about God.  I love getting in conversations with people about where they come from and their backgrounds.  I try to learn from people.  I have a lot of clients who have touched my heart and when I leave work, I swear I have a permanent smile on my face because they have just put me in such a good mood!

4. My Church.  I go to Bethlehem Church in Gastonia and I have been going there for 2 years now.  I actually look forward to going to church (never thought I would say that when I was younger)!  I love going to a big church because I feel it is more focused on going and listening than going and socializing. My preacher is one of the most humble men I have ever met.  He is himself, and I love that.  He wears his normal kackis and sweaters and he tells people not to give him a title like pastor or preacher because if you wanna give him a title you can call him servant.  He is down to earth and tells a lot of actually really funny jokes while he is preaching.  He uses the whole Word but doesn't condemn you every Sunday about sin.  I pretty much know what sin is so I love that he gets down to the word and preaches about how you can benefit and learn from God.  I also love that my church is a church that goes outside the four walls.  We are all about helping the community and that is what I think it is ALL about.  From giving people free dental care, to Hope for Gaston,  feeding the homeless and adopting poverty stricken blocks so you can reach needs and build a relationship with people different from you.  That is what life is all about!
Some church friends at a very fun wedding at the beach!!

5.  Facebook and Twitter!  Sounds cheesy but I am so glad I have a network that I can talk to people from high school and other people from my past and I get to see how their lives are.  Sometimes on my days off this is the only social interaction I have time for (I know, sad right).  I get to see my cousins and other family members and actually find long lost cousins on there.   I love to watch people put funny things and also informational things on their newsfeed.  I really learn a lot from my facebook and twitter friends.  I don't get why some people act like they are too cool for facebook, I have no shame in having an account and creeping on everyone. ;) Maybe its because I'm pretty nosy but I love Facebook and Twitter!!

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  1. Awe Becky, what a nice blog. It was nice to hear what makes you happy. You have some great things in your life and I am happy for you. You make me happy!!