Friday, May 4, 2012

Day 9. List 10 People that have influenced you. (pt1)

Day 9.  10 People that have influenced me. (pt 1.)

I have had the blessing of being around a number of wonderful, exceptional people in my life.  There are way more than 10 people that have influenced my life.  But this is going to be probably long anyways so I will start with the first 10 that come to mind. :)

my mom and step dad.
1. MOM.  My mom is definitely one of the most influential people in my life.  Though, we don't see eye to eye on everything, I love her.  She has done an excellent job in raising me.  She did not make my life easy though, lol, which is a good thing (most of the time).  She wasn't a perfect mom but she didn't raise me to be a sissy, neither.  I remember when I would start crying in public or probably from getting spanked, she would say "Dry it up!", and I would too!
Most importantly, she did teach me to be a good young Christian lady although she probably would not have allowed me to be any other way.  I could not go out of the house with short shorts or any cleavage showing and till this day I still have to dress modest or I feel really weird.  She was hard on me but when I did mess up, she was quick to forgive but her disapproval was the real discipline.
She mad sure I grew up slow but actually gave me a lot of earned freedom when I was a teenager.  Because she made me go to church 3 times a week, I had a really close bond with my youth group where I made good friends that helped me get through my high school years without falling into to too much peer pressure.

Randall and I on prom day.
2.Randall.  Had to throw this guy in there again.  But really sometimes I wonder what kind of person I would be if I never met and started dating him at 14.  I don't think I would have turned out half as decent! We basically helped raise each other!  14 is a very impressionable age and meeting a cute, popular, very dedicated Christian guy pretty much keeps you on the strait and narrow when your trying to date them.  He has really been the strong rock in my life at the very hardest times.  When I would question if our relationship was meant to be or God's will, he would just let me hash it out while he waited patiently for me to decide.  He never faltered when it came to peer pressure in high school and never tried to be someone else but himself.  If he didn't believe in something, he wasn't going to do it, period.  I wonder what this world would be like if there were more men like Randall in it, who stood up for what they believed even if it wasn't what the majority believed.  Someone who has never broken a heart and would always put you in front of them, no matter what.  An ideal husband.  I know it sounds like I am bragging on my husband but I would say this stuff even if I wasn't married to him!  I'm just glad I tricked him into being with me for 12 years and hopefully I can trick him for many more. :p

me and my big (but short) sis.
3.Beth.  I really don't know where to begin with this crazy girl, but my big sis has really had a big influence in my life.  Now when it comes to our personalities (and looks) we are like night and day!  But when I think about how I was as a little child, I can not imagine how I could get through early life without big sis.  I followed her around everywhere, she was like my lil momma.  I would do anything she told me, one time she even tricked me into eating shampoo because it looked like honey!  But she took care of me and was very protective of me.  I was extremely bashful and didn't usually stick up for myself, but I would go tell big sis and she would do ALL the trash talking for me.  One time she actually took a tin lunch box and whacked a girl with in the head with it that was picking on me.  I look back at myself as a little kid and think "this big ole world would just have swollowed me up and spit me out if I came into it without my big sis."  Her opposite type A personality has really helped my type B personality from being type loser because I look up to her a lot. She is a hard worker and very motivated and I look at those qualities in her and want to match them.  Her competitiveness and "motivational words"  (like today while I was doing her hair, "You should really work on your shoulders. lol) I take with a grain of salt and to heart while also wanting to punch her in the face at times, really help. Our goals in life are a lot different but because of her, I have more goals, so that is why she is a very influential person in my life.

Steve got to marry us!! 
4. Steve Morrison.  Steve and his wife Shelly have had a big influence in my life.  They were my very first youth pastors.  In a time of my life when I was scared and new at a church, they took me in and made sure I felt welcomed.  They became almost like another set of parents for me but in a good way.  I felt that they loved me and cared for me as if I was their own child.  I will never forget when our youth group went bowling one Saturday and some guys were asking or talking about me or something and Steve told them to leave me alone, I wasn't interested in a very fatherly way. Now to most teenage girls that would have been very embarrassing but I had never had a father figure in my life and it made me feel so special and loved.  I thought it was so sweet!  Also if there were ever a pastor that I respected and believed to hear from God, its Steve.  Being a teenager is hard and I would often find myself praying fervently in the altar over situations in my life and he would always come pray for me, but when he prayed for you, he would take you in a bear hug like a father would and just hold you and let you cry it out while he prayed for you.  I tear up now just thinking about how I needed those hugs desperately some weeks.  Also, when you are growing up and learning in your Christian faith, you usually have a lot of questions to ask God.  I remember I had one big question to ask God and I will never forget when Steve had called me to the altar and he told me I was asking that question and he told me what God had answered to that question.  I had never told anyone my question either!  The Lord had showed me how real he was through Steve that day and I will never forget that.

our youth group friends on our wedding day.
5. My Youth Group Friends.  I know this is cheating a little bit but I had to include all these people. Now that we are all married and some having kids these days, I don't get to see them like I use to but I just would like them to know that they have had a huge influence in my life.  If it wasn't for these people, I don't know where I would be.  I am still friends with a lot of them even though we all go to different churches now.  I have to give a special shout out to my two longest bestest friends: Laura Taylor and Wendy Aderholdt.  We have been through thick and thin together.  These 2 girls probably know me more than anyone else except Randall.  Because we share a lot of past experiences together we can relate to each other more than anyone else.  With Laura I can ask her opinion on anything and I feel comfortable that I can give her my opinion also, without her getting mad.  We have a lot of the same interest in mind like church, saving money, doing house work, etc.  Also Laura and Nathan are some of the best of friends you can have.  If you need someone to come help you out with yard work because you don't have a clue what you you are doing, they will come help you!  Not too many friends are so readily available when you need them but you can always depend on the Taylors and that is why I appreciate them so much.
Wendy and I have a lot of similarities also.  We have a keen eye on fashion (if I do say so myself!)  and house decor.  We have an appreciation for the same style.  thrifty.  And we have a lot of the same views on a good number of things.  Wendy is the kind of person that will open her house to anyone and try to be best friends with everyone, but not in a 'i have to be popular way.'  She just literally takes time and is friends with people.  I have a good time with her husband Daniel too, who also happens to have grown up in our youth group too.  If there is something that your thinking about someone but you would never say, Daniel will say it for you, and it is hilarious!! He is one of a kind and tries to be all hard rock with his tattoos and unkempt hair but he is really just a teddy bear!  I have always looked at him as the brother you would get excited to see and who would always make you laugh.  Although we go separate paths in life, these people will always be close to my heart because they are the only friends I got to know long enough to grow up with, and have really had an impact on my Christian journey.

Next 5 influences coming on their way next blog...


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