Thursday, September 27, 2012

Why I gave blood today...

Today was the first time I gave blood!  Yes, that is sad that I'm 27 and just now doing it but I have tried in the past and have either been sick or on antibiotics or just didn't care enough.  (I use to get at least two upper respiratory infections a year due to allergies.)  So this Sunday. I seen in my church bulletin that they were having a blood drive on my day off, I thought I would join in on the needle fun and make an appointment.  

I wasn't nervous at all because I get blood work done every year so needles are nothing new. But I did want to make sure I met all the donor criteria before I got pumped.  Luckily I passed it all, so then it was to the chair where they start sucking the liquid life out of me. I'm not gonna lie the needle was big but it only pricked for a second and then they covered it up, which is a good thing because nobody wants to sit and stare at a big needle in their arm.  I chose left arm so I could play with my phone with my right hand.  It only took about 10 minutes, if that, to feel up my pint size bag.  I actually enjoyed watching my blood fill it up (I'm weird like that.).  I got to recline and even shut my eyes for a little bit and relaxed.

While I was sitting there, I started thinking about the reason I was doing this, besides the point that I sometimes become a bored housewife on my days off.  Lately, I've been challenging myself to be a more giving person and to make more out of my life then the day to day routine that I get stuck in a lot.  Make my time more useful while on this earth.  

So anyway back to my reasons,  I find that free desert and diet coke are great perks for giving blood, but the real reason I was there is because of some of the special people in my life.  For one, I have a close, dear friend of mine who almost died from infections after giving birth and needed a couple of blood transfusions just to get better.  

When she told me, she had blood infusions at the hospital.  I randomly thought about a scene in the movie "Bruce Almighty".  During the movie, Bruce makes a comment to his girlfriend, after she gave blood, that they end up just storing all the donor blood in a warehouse somewhere and nobody uses it.  Then later on in the movie he gets in a motor accident and after being in a hospital room for days, he wakes up hooked up to a donor bag and she repeats the same snide remark he made earlier.  But back to point, I started thinking about how awesome it was that somebody took time out of their day to give blood and because they did my friend could live. 

Then I have another dear friend, who is also a client, who needs dialysis almost everyday of her life.  She has a failing kidney and while she waits for an organ transplant she goes 8 hours a day and has her blood cleaned.  She is not old and doesn't look sick.  She has a teenage son and is a devout Christian.  She has made a huge impact on my life because despite her circumstances she still sees the positive in everything and still lives life to the fullest when she doesn't have to be at dialysis.  I think about her and her family and if it wasn't for giving blood she would not be alive today.  Because of people like that I want to challenge myself to do better and when I don't feel like working out, I think of her, because I know she would give anything to be in good enough health to work out, and I TRY to count working out as a blessing.  

As I was sitting there giving blood,  a little girl came around and had me write down why I was giving blood.  I was almost brought to tears about the fact that I felt like I get to help out people just like the people, I love in my life.  After thinking for a moment I wrote: I give blood because my close friend needed blood transfusions this year.  The whole experience became emotional to me. I am writing this blog not to brag on myself but to try to make other people think about others because we ALL battle selfishness everyday.  Next time you see a blood mobile think about situations or people in your life that needed blood and even if you are deafly afraid of needles, a little pinch is nothing compared to saving someone else's life, especially someone you love.

So again, Please Give your life giving Blood to someone in need and save lives!! 

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