Sunday, December 16, 2012

Connecticut, Bethlehem and God's promise

So I haven't said much about what happen, I just really don't know what to say about it because it is so sad and I feel like I'm not smart enough when it comes to words (and terribly awkward when it comes to comforting words to grieving people).  Having a deeply intimate relationship with Christ and being a Christian for many years, it is very hard for me to say "I don't know why this happened. I don't know why God allowed it to happen."

It doesn't weaken my Faith in Him, I've been there done that, I KNOW he's real.  I like to research stuff and I like to read many outlooks and I actually come up with a lot of conclusions to questions I have about various things I believe in, but when it comes to tragedy: I come up short with the answers!

With that being said I visited a church called Renovatus today (my husband loves to hear the preacher Jonathan Martin on podcast so we thought we would visit one Sunday and hear him live).  Jonathan Martin didn't preach but a small older lady was the guest speaker and I loved what the Holy Spirit laid on her heart to say.  She was a well educated with a doctorate in Divinity (if I remember right) and was well rounded in many denominations including: Catholic, Baptist and some others I can't remember.

We took a moment and prayed for the families of the victims and the people affected with the recent shootings.  Then we read a passage in Matthew chapter 2 about the birth of Christ.  In this passage, there was a decree from King Herod to slaughter children 2 years and under.  This broken world is nothing new  She then was talking about ravens and scavenger birds and how they will fly around something that is about to die, but also will hang around when something is about to be born.  They are hoping that whatever is born will be stillborn or too weak to fight.  In the same way, Evil will lurk around something that is about to be birthed into a wonder or the beginning a new life or vision.

That is why when you are about to conquer something, whether a stronghold or a vision that God has given you, Spiritual warfare happens.  Satan doesn't want to see what gifts God has given or see you rise to the next level in Him.  I have fought this continually and I constantly have a fear of bad things happening to me.  I don't even have kids yet and I'm already fearing something could happen to them. But Fear is the root of all sin. And if the enemy can get you too scared of what people think about you or scared you won't do something right, or your not good enough then he has you just where he wants you!!  I write this to help encourage myself, I get so fearful that I'm not strong enough or I won't measure up to what God has made me for.

Also this passage gave me a little more Peace in knowing that even though Evil prefails in some situations like the Newton School shootings, God does have his hand on us and these families WILL prevail out of this darkness they have been forced into.  This is an awful tragedy but let us remember just like in the tragedy that struck the mothers and families in Bethlehem at the time of the birth of our Savior, something can be birth out of this tragedy for the good of mankind. Satan tried to kill Jesus from the start but don't let him kill you (in a spiritual sense) before you even get started. He has a plan specifically designed only for you.  Let us hold our families closer and treasure the time that God has graciously bestowed us for the good of the world!! God Bless and Merry Christmas!!

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