Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Us Versus Them Mentality

I am really getting bored of all the pettiness of social media.  In fact if Facebook wasn't one of the only ways I could keep in touch with my extended family, I would definitely delete it.  I really can't believe that grown adults are getting  into bickering's over Were Right, They're Wrong.  I seen it on both sides of my liberal and conservative friends.  Is a post on Facebook really going to change a person's view? Probably not, people are going to side with people that have the same background, beliefs, experiences as themselves.

With that said, I'm conservative on a lot of issues.  I believe in less government control on economic issues and think our government is enabling people to be lazy.  I grew up poor with a teen mom, who refused to live off the government and worked her butt off with several jobs to support and raise my siblings and myself, all the while teaching us a good work ethnic.  The downside to this pridefulness I have as being a hard worker, it is hard for me to have Compassion or understanding for people who have been given the same opportunities as me but still struggle to support themselves.  That is something, I'm realizing and asking God to change my heart about. But as a conservative Christian I am getting tired of getting lumped into the category of bigot and ignorance by my liberal friends.  I am neither a bigot nor ignorant, although I have had poorer examples of my political party portraying these characteristics, I think it is wrong to just "assume" everyone with conservative views is that way and that, my friend actually lumps YOU into the category of Bigot.  A definition of a Bigot is: a person who is utterly intolerant of any differing creed, belief or opinion.

But anyways when it comes to social issues as a Christian, I find it a necessity to be for equality, whether I agree with lifestyle choices of other people or not.  The more I study my belief in Jesus, the more I'm finding out Jesus loved and had compassion for EVERYONE, especially people who were on the social outskirts.  Prostitutes, lameness, demon possessed, robbers/tax collectors etc.  the society the religous people would have nothing to do with.  Jesus showed such compassion with the undeserved/outcast that he socialized more frequently with them then with the scribes/pharisees.  Well, you know as the story goes he was thrown into the forbidden mix with the outcast, by the majority of people, and therefore sentenced as a criminal and crucified.  I'm explained this before in previous blogs but it seems apparent that fellow Christians don't seem to lump themselves in with Pharisaical views  at all and even see them almost unreal or "cartoonish" characters that don't really exist today.  But they do and even I myself have fallen into that category a time or two and if I'm not careful still do sometimes.

With that being said Why are Christians still on the "Us Versus Them Mentality".  If you are a mature Christian, you should know and understand Fruits of the Spirits and in case you forgot, let me reiterate them for a moment so you can remember: Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness and Self-Control. Against such things are no Law (Gal 5:22-23).  It's interesting that after explaining the signs of a Godly heart that the bible says there will never be a law telling you not to be these things.  Why then do we worry about our Rights and being equal so much and not letting this world get the best of us, that we start putting our guards up.  We start arguing about who is wrong and who is right, who should be silenced and who should have consequences.  Does this really sound like something Jesus would want us to do? Fight for our OWN rights, and not the rights of others?

In fact, I see the very opposite is given as an example from Jesus.  He had a right not to be sentenced to a terrible death.  Realistically, he could have been up in arms about it.  The bible even says he could have sent 12 legions of angels to rescue him on the cross, all he had to do was give the word and God would have done it for him.  But instead he went without a word, knowing it was his mission to show the World the real Love that God intends to show man and to give a perfect example of how we should act.  HUMBLE, without pride or reproach.  Can you imagine if Jesus went to the cross the way that some of us would go, kicking and screaming, demanding our rights.  I don't think it would have nearly as much as the repercussion that Christianity has become to the world.  And if you hear a preacher preaching an "Us Versus Them Mentality" you better believe it is not of God.  Because God loves the world and the people in it and as Christians we are to mirror that same love even if we feel we have not had the same in return.  It is easy to love someone that loves you back but it is another level to love and respect someone who doesn't show the same to us.  Or to someone who is different than us.  I love the Mumford & Sons quote from a song "The opposite of Love is Indifference."

I wish I could say that I am just speaking to other people but I am speaking more to myself.   I get belligerent when I feel that I have been wrong or have not had the same rights as others.  But if we are to make any difference in this world and show them a Love that is not OF this world, we have to look into our own selves and die to our own flesh and desires through Christ.  A lot of Christians think this is just for trying to live Holy but when the bible talks about putting on the whole armor of God, it is not to try and act perfect but to humble yourselves and be a living sacrifice as Jesus has been.  Becoming a servant before a ruler.  If we were to show that kind of Love to the World, I can guarantee they would have a different stance on Christians besides Intolerant or Bigot.  And worrying less about how "Holy" we appear and more about our fellow man and if they are treated fairly then we really will understand the true reason Jesus died for us.

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