Friday, September 19, 2014

I hate extreme religion!

I feel a sense of urgency when I write this blog.  I just watched a video of extreme muslims taking over a city in the UK.  A normal citizen of the city was along side the protest of the muslims and they were trying to tell her everything she was doing wrong.  They were telling her she was dressed to seduce people and because she wasn't a Muslim she was going to hell. By the end of the video she was distraught and sadden by the widening gap she felt between her and these people.

It makes me sick that Christians and other religions alike feel that this is the way you show "Love" to people you speak the "truth" to them.  But seriously if someone came up to you and said everything you were doing is wrong and you should repent and turn to "god" or "allah" or whatever, would that make you all of a sudden realize everything in clear light and turn straight way and repent.  No, you would probably want to get as far away from that person who thinks high and mighty of themselves and not want anything to do with them.  The same gap widening once again between humans.

I can say I've been on both ends.  I've been the person berating everyone and I've been the person being talked about in the pulpit.  I've been the extreme religious Christian trying to kill my flesh everyday and not sinning, praying continuously and memorizing my bible everyday and defending God at every turn I could.  Was I happy then?  NO, actually thats when I felt the furtherest from God is when I tried to be perfect.  I thought I had this infinite being, down pat with my rules, I kept, and my formulas to keep God on my side (we had the same enemies and everything).

It wasn't until I got exhausted and one day woke up and realized I wasn't in Love with this god because he was too much like me and I had made him in my image because thats what was comfortable and thats what seemed right.  Anything outside of that idea just seemed scary and if I had thoughts leading to that, I was being disobedient.

I guess what I'm trying to say is God is not in RELIGION! Religion is man made.  Religion is the one splitting up families, neighbors and drawing a division in Chrisitianity.  Christianity is a religion too, you say? No it actually teaches the opposite.  Jesus came to full-fill the law.  He came to show us what Love really looks and acts like.  He never condemned sinners and he hung out and ate and drank with them.  The apostles came to him and asked "how will we look different from other religions?" and Christ said "They will know you by your Love."

I am seeing Love less and less in Chrisitianity these days and I am guilty of it too.  In fact, I get a little embarrassed to call myself a Christian, sometimes because the picture of a Christian isn't one of Love.  It looks more like those muslims in that video telling people to get right and change their ways before they go to hell.  Sounds like similar religions, right? I am crazy in Love with my Savior who has freed me from the bondage of sin and religion and made me more comfortable in my skin like never before.  Do I still sin? absolutely! I'm imperfect to the core, but my love for Jesus changes me little by little everyday. My goal is not so much how many sins to avoid but how much can I let Christ's Love shine through me.  How much compassion can I show humanity today?  How can I brighten someone's day and make them mediate on God.  That should be our focus now and the rest will follow.  God isn't as much concerned with rules as he is a relationship with you.  And it makes me tear up that we can't get that right.

In these last days, I see more hostility going up towards Christians and we have no one to blame but ourselves.  Jesus IS coming back soon but we keep trying to pick up our swords and fight one another and other religions when Jesus is in that still small voice in our hearts saying: Pray, Love, seek forgiveness for your own sins and seek shelter in my Presence.  Instead we get hostile ourselves and shout: "This world is doom and gloom and they are taking away our rights as Christians.  Look at Peter when he cut the soilder's ear off that came to take Jesus away to be crucified.  Jesus reprimanded him and said  "Put your sword away." Our flesh would love to defend God but guess what, God does not need to be defended, he is powerful enough to defend himself.  We should take up our cross and follow God, while some think that is denying sin altogether, it means taking up your cross and bearing burdens of one another.  We need to be the peaceful and loving people that we are called to be not the loud, boisterous were right, your wrong; you need to get right or your going to hell. (once again, sounding similar to the Muslims, right?)  Let God worry about that while you worry about helping people.  The Holy Spirit does the work for us, when you show someone Love, the Holy Spirit is planting that seed little by little in that individual.  EVERYONE has eternity in their hearts.

I wish Christians and other religions will look in their own hearts and worry about their own sins because when you are looking at other people's sins it is so much harder to see the plank in our own eyes.  It's a humbling experience but one we need to do. I love how Brian Zhan always says "Love the sinner, hate your own sin!"

 I mean think about it, do you really think an infinite being is really concerned if you cuss or drink or do you think he is more concerned with humanity as a whole.  Feeding the sick, clothing your neighbor, etc.  I'm not defending these actions but the bible does say God ask the people on the left you never clothed me, feed me, visit me in prison or cast demons out in my name.  The people were shocked they thought they had been doing these things all along but they didn't have Love in their hearts for one another.  THAT right there shows what he is concerned about.

If you find that you are in a church where you are being preached rules, judgement, condemnation, pride: you need to run as fast as you can out of there. They are the wolves in sheeps clothing. They are doing nothing but polluting your mind and feeding your ego.  They are drawing division in the church and taking power from the Blood of Jesus away by saying you still need to earn God's Grace.  God's Grace is not earned! It is given! Beware and find yourselves a Grace and Love based church! Find a humble pastor, not one that thinks they have everything (and everyone) figured out. Jesus is coming back soon and I'm afraid the "Holier than Thou's" will be left while all the imperfect people who show love will be the ones taken.

God have Mercy on all of us.  Let us see put our differences of theology aside and do what you intend for us to do: LOVE. Let your Holy Spirit guide us in our own hearts to manifest your supernatural love towards one another and unify ourselves to put our own glory aside and seek after a heart like yours!

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