Sunday, January 18, 2015

You Don't Have to Follow most Rules in the Bible! Your Welcome!!

Okay people just to make it clear because sweet, precious good meaning Christians keep asking me this(lol):  I do believe in Jesus as my Savior!!  So much so that if I were at a crossroad which tends to happen some of the time, between what he says and what the bible says: I look to him more, so much so than any other parts of the bible.  I believe in the whole bible.  I see it as flesh and divine intertwined but it is a book written by different writers over a course of hundreds of years.  You can’t pick scripture and say “Well, women shouldn’t talk in church, or tattoos are bad.” When this happens, you start looking more into the bible to lead your life than Faith in Jesus and that becomes BIBLICISM! That is an actual word, look it up.

A lot of it is written with a certain culture and historical meaning behind it. Added with different writing styles some even very satirical.  Not to be used as a pick and chose to do our bidding and when we read the word like that we read it as a lie instead of truth.  Our will does not go before God’s in ANYTHING! Let that sink in for a moment.  It is the only historic book written by and for slaves and captives and not the conquerors.  And we HAVE to read it like that.  Not like the rich greedy people that we are, living in a 1st world country looking for a God to meet our needs but coming humbly, like little children ready to seek God because once he becomes more to you than just an instruction manual and once you let him lead you in every aspect of your life in Love, Peace, and Joy for anyone who will listen, and not just in your heart but to those around you then that is when you will see the good fruits manifest in your  life.  And you will see his beauty in the ashes of our mistakes and even see in the Old Testament before Jesus came.  How God was wanting humans to just love him and to see how good he actually is but we didn't believe it and we have a hard time believing it now, becoming fearful that we are not doing enough when all God want’s to do is Love and be loved completely.  

And if you are angry with him and you don’t think he is lovable, that’s okay.  But if you seek him you will find him and it will turn everything in your life upside down in a good way and you will start looking crazy, like me, and preaching the REAL good news to everyone around you and realizing that it reaches sinners more than religious folks because that’s who Jesus came for.  For every time I get deep into theology, I learn he is more.  He is more than scarifices, he is more than burnt offerings.  He is more than that.  Think of it, he is an infinite God.  Do you think he cares really about which laws you follow?  Like if you can drink or cuss?  No! And that's kinda haughty to believe that, lol. He cares what’s in the heart and that is what spills out everywhere else.  If it’s greed.  It will spill out into all areas of your life.  If it’s hidden pride it will spill out of your mouth as instruction for everyone else while you are thinking you are safe from any folly.  (And that's one that is still teaching me, lol! See I am not exempt either!) If it’s love and it’s the kind of Love that Jesus came to show us how to live out then it will spill into every dark corner of your life and speak life into others.  If you think you got everything figured out, and everything is fine and dandy and you would rather believe in laws than Grace because that just makes more sense to you, then that’s okay too because Grace covers you, even in your folly and misinterpretation of scripture.

And here’s a crazy concept: what if Jesus came to save us from the Bible?! I mean really? From the laws and religiousness of the bible?  You know what Jesus thinks of laws: He broke a lot of them! ex:not stoning adulterous women, telling a guy to pick up his mat, apparently you couldn't heal people on the Sabbath but he did it anyways.  He told the Pharisees "You look for Life in the scriptures when you ought to be looking at life through me."  We don’t have to keep all those ridiculous laws of Jewish faith and we don’t have to do this or that to prove were Christians.  We just have to live like Jesus and love like him.  He showed us a New Humanity on how to live and yet we don't have enough Faith to live that kind of life outside our hearts and into every inch of our lives.  Isn't that what makes him Lord of your life?  Not just a way to save us from Hell and take us to Heaven but as a way for us to bring a little of Heaven to Earth by becoming servants even unto our enemies and loving them like ourselves.  That is radical and I believe that is where all his secrets lie. In Love.

I say all this to myself even more deeply because it is a very sobering concept when I thought I was the one fighting for Jesus when I myself was the one holding the nail ready to nail this heretic of the scriptures to the cross, when he was asking me to just Love him.  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE.  God is love and everything about love and beauty comes from him.  And yet that's the beauty I keep finding in the scriptures is that there is heavy, living, breathing breathe of God hidden behind those laws and mistakes of men, like myself trying to please Him in their sacrifices when all along God is saying this is what I think of your sacrifices: I resurrected the ultimate sacrifice that culminated from your hidden sins of finding fault in one another.

You see that is the fault of our existence and it became fully dilated when we killed God by trying to be for him but became against him, in doing that. If we were to take Jesus seriously in our command to love one another which goes beyond anything the "world" could do, we would not find fault in our brother but in ourselves.  We would believe we were part of the problem and we would start to do something about it.  We would no longer fear our enemies but want to do good for them.  We would want to feed and love them.

Thankfully we don't have to try to do this all on ourselves but that is why Jesus said "It is imperative that I leave so that he can come."  He was talking about the Holy Spirit and that Holy Spirit is what will help us love like that.  It will make us like Jesus!  It is a daily struggle for me to not think about myself first and foremost and I must take up my Cross daily and follow Him. Some days, I don't do so well.  Being a mom kinda helps with my selfishness but leaning onto something else is crucial to my Christian walk.  I war against putting myself first everyday.  I war against what man tells me to do and what God made me to be everyday.  In the end I must test the fruits of what I believe and those that come believing in Christ, as well.  Not so I can judge but just so I can know if it goes along with the Spirit.  Anyone who has the fruits of the Spirit (Gal 5:22-23) are on the fresh pulse of God because we can NOT possess these fruits any other way but with Love by Him and for Him.  If you find it difficult to possess these, it's okay.  You are covered in Grace but might be missing out on what your put here to do.  Seek God, seek Him by doing justly, loving in Mercy and walking humbly. (Micah 6:8)

(If your wondering where I come up with all these crazy concepts, don't worry they are not all on my own, for there is a method to my madness! I'm not smart enough for all that!  I love studying the bible with the help of written materials of educated biblical scholars, preachers and philosophers.  Some of my favorites are: Walter Bruggeman, Richard Rohr, NT Wright, Brian Zahnd, Jonathan Martin and my preacher Jon Stone at Renovatus.)

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