Monday, April 20, 2015


You say you want Revival 
But you wouldn’t know it, if it came 
You say you have the only truth
But it is hidden in your shame
You have an invitation 
Will you just deny
And barely get by
Slander turns your cheek
Blinded sin is all you seek
Your fears drag you around 
Love you claim, but it is not found 
We sit at your feet, begging for scraps 
We seek Justice, but you criticize our lack
With the keys in your hand
And nose held high
Though we try 
We know we will never get by
Your love is stanch 
Your fruit is bitter
Your face is sagging 
And your body is lagging 
We invite you in, 
despite what you’ve sewn 
Your anger we forgive
Our bruises bring the Dawn. 
For we are light and so are you 
Our lines are blurred 
Our lives at risk 
So we can serve 
In Love we Die 
And Love we rise
Fear was buried
Low in the night.
Just give me a key
And you will see
Your breath is getting labored
Your limbs are getting weak 
You need me and I need you 
Let go and rest
Right upon my breast 
Where you are safe
And no hair misplaced 
True Faith comes in the dark
And light is born from the night
Together hand in hand
We can finally get this right.

"Revival Meeting" painting by: Benny Andrews

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