Friday, April 17, 2015

The Dawn of the Sea.

The night’s rugged breath floats in our minds
Telling us the answers are benign 
Meager truths float from our flesh
Telling us not to believe our heads
How can this be, in these very minutes
We clammer together caught in our limits.
Searching like ghost, uncomfortable in our shells.
The deep sea around but no blinding truth 
Break thru
No ringing of the bells.
Eminent dangers threaten our nature
We are not of this world and we awkwardly agree
Our breast are soft our hearts are vexed
We silently scream eager to be fixed
Our wails are heard but not in the sea
Silence bubbles from our lips 
floating to break free
Our hour is coming we can feel it in our bones
A reconciliation that covers like the dawn
The night knows not how this hour was sewn.
To bring Peace on the backs of the Meek
To bring the Glory they all longingly seek 
Restless writhing is no more 
For this we would suffer and be poor.
The ships have sailed 
To release our skeletons from our jails
To save face, to right our wrongs
Let’s dig up our mistakes 
Let’s no longer hide our bones
Healed by grain and by wine
The sacred truths on which we dine.
In the flesh and in the blood
We ingest your strength, we drink your love.

Painting: Dawn After The Storm by: William Lionel

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