Thursday, September 10, 2015


Father forgive me for I have sinned
I acted like I was right and then I pinned
My sins on the masses. It felt so good
Eating that fruit
And then prideful I stood
I purged what I couldn’t see in me on them
See that’s my problem I created a “Them”
I called it justice i called it standing up
But in the end I was just throwing up
Vomiting my hate and calling it love
And when I was done I went back for more
See someone had to feel they were wrong
Someone had to feel condemned
I thought I was above all that but now I’m the “them”
I’m the ones foaming at the mouth
Feeling right, picking a side
See that’s what we do when we’re weak
We choose sides and then we retreat
Getting lost in a war more than a gospel
Seeking blood but calling it love
“It’s the way of the world” is what we all say
I disagree. I KNOW there’s a better way
Out of this cycle of hate
We’ve been so blind, we’ve taken the bait
But to go against the crowd right or wrong
Is where freedom lies it’s where we belong 
Letting a Spirit take our burdens
See we’re trying too hard
And it’s evident in our actions
That our faith is weak and our hate is sanctioned
By the powers of the air
It’s in what we breathe to get free is to go beyond human
To a motherly love that don’t have reason
See love doesn’t control
it doesn’t have to explain
It always trust even in the face of evil
Of the beast darting pain
We stand up smaller than the sides
We declare with fruits of the Called
That big monster is defeated by the little lamb
You see it’s about unity, seeing Christ in all
If you can’t see that
Then ask where you fall.

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